Section and tube bending

Rolling sections and tubes 

Construction profiles are available in a wide variety. Our machine park is equipped with a range of modern European bending machines for rolling the complete series of standard construction profiles, varying from small U-channels 80 mm up to a heavy H-beam 1,000 mm and even tube CHS 508x25mm (20 inch). We can also bend client-specific profiles in ferrous or non-ferrous alloys. 

We use induction bending technology to bend even bigger tubes and sections.

Kersten has over 55 years of experience in bending technology. We aim to serve our local Middle East clients with high quality bending work according to strict European standards. Our well-trained staff works with advanced profile rolling machines.

Rolling is ideal for curving tubes and sections in many radii including very small radii and 3D shapes. There is always an overlength required. The amount of overlength can be reduced by a smart devision of the material. Our bending specialist can consult you in this.

The animated video below show the process of rolling profiles. 


Bent tubes and sections are used for various applications, including skyscrapers, commercial buildings, bridges, canopies, sport stadiums, roller coasters, (3D bent) art objects, oil storage tanks and petrochemical installations.


In short:

Cold bending of standard and client-specific sections in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

  • The complete series of standard construction profiles: varying from U-channels 80mm up to H-beam 1000mm. Tubes up to CHS 508 x 25mm. Click here for all capacities.
  • Bending various dimensions of pipe and tubular profiles with small radii.
  • Rolling client specific sections.
  • 3D bending, with radius and gradient, of both light and heavy profiles for items including stair constructions and rollercoaster tracks.
  • Application of the bent profiles in various markets, including:, architectural steel constructions, infrastructure, machine construction, offshore industry and the petrochemical.


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