Monday 20 July 2020

The making of Dutch Steel Awards (partI)

The finalists of the National Steel Award 2020 have been announced. Congratulations to the nominees!

Kersten is a proud sponsor of the trophy and we would like to take you along in the coming weeks in the creation of the trophy.

Here you can see glass artist Frank Biemans ( at work. He carefully cuts an oval out of a glass plate. Next he will colour the glass using the glass fusing technique and melt it into the right shape.

On 13 October, the winners will be announced and the trophy will be awarded.

The nominees for a Dutch Steel Award 2020 per category are:

Non-residential construction category (40 entries)

  • Diamond Exchange, Amsterdam
  • Radar Tower, Rotterdam
  • Former V&D complex, Amsterdam

Category Industrial building (14 entries)

  • Bolidt Innovation Center, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
  • RET depot Kleiweg, Rotterdam
  • Rhenus New Logic III, Tilburg

Category Residential building (12 entries)

  • Pontsteiger, Amsterdam
  • Extension Park Hoog Oostduin, The Hague
  • Residential building Phoenix I, Rotterdam

Category Infrastructure (14 entries)

  • Bicycle bridge Oude Rijn, Katwijk and Oegstgeest
  • Bicycle and pedestrian bridge Lille Langebro, Copenhagen
  • Schuttebusbrug, Zwolle

Category Characteristic Steel Construction parts (36 entries)

  • Art object the Zwerm, Eindhoven
  • Staircase Lumion, Amsterdam
  • Canopy Charity Lotteries, Amsterdam

Kersten is the proud sponsor of the National Steel Award 2020 and makes the trophy. It is the third in a series of 3D curved impressions in steel and glass.

From the side view of the sculpture a lemniscate is visible; the mathematical sign for 'infinity'. This symbolises the infinite possibilities of steel and glass.

The outer ring of the trophy is made of steel and is curved by Kersten. The steel is then blued and provided with a clear varnish. Glass artist Frank Biemans produces the glass that is coloured using the glass fusing technique and melted into the right shape. The trophy of 2020 has predominantly red glass that changes to a deep steel blue colour and has a special relief.

Curious how this trophy is made? Keep an eye on our social media and/or website. We will post an update on a regular basis.

More information about the competition:


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