Aluminium bending

aluminium bending

Aluminium (extrusion) profiles often have built-in functionalities. For example; openings, screw holes, ribs, etc. The force that is required for bending the profile in a certain radius could cause deformation of the cross section and lost of the functionalities. Advanced machinery, special tooling and experienced workers are required to prevent the fragile cross section to deform.
Besides that, aluminium profiles often have an esthetic function in a building, so it is important not to damage the profiles' surface too much.

Kersten has over 55 years of experience in bending technology. At our Middle East production facility we bend standard and client-specific extrusion profiles according to the strict European quality standards. We bend your profiles with just minimal deformation and without damaging the surface of the material. Bending aluminium profiles with multiple radii or 3-dimensonal bent profiles are no exception.

Bent aluminium profiles are used in several market segments, including architecture (facades, cladding, art structures), transportation, medical devices, etc.

Watch the aluminium video of the Kersten Group:

In short:

Cold bending of standard and client-specific aluminium profiles.

  • Bending aluminium extrusion profiles in standard alloys and special alloys
  • Bending large extrusion profiles with a cross section of max. 800mm.
  • Specialised in bending profiles with several radii or in 3D shapes and curves.
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