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Children's Mall - Katara Project

The Katara Cultural Village is located at the heart of Qatar’s capital, Doha. Katara Plaza is a place of luxury and elegance, that combines shopping, hospitality, wellness, entertainment with art and culture.

The Children’s Mall makes part of the Katara Plaza. It is a unique, first of its kind shopping experience specifically built to cater to all children’s needs, from clothes, to entertainment, to education.

With a fun design, the gift-shaped mall offers a combination of fun and educational games, with a strong emphasis on interactive elements. Parents will be able to take their children to the mall for a full day of activities, while they complete the shopping they need, be it toys, clothes or school related supplies.

Visitors will find a kids saloon, kids perfumery, kids accessories, as well as a large candy store and several handicraft stations.

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Kersten Middle East

Kersten has bent steel profiles for the sky lights of the Katara Plaza main building and the gift-shaped buildingsIncluding one of the largest profiles ever bent at this production location: UB 914x419x343mm.


Bent profiles:

  • UB 914x419x343
  • UB 610x305x179
  • UB 533x210x82
  • CHS 219
  • CHS 323.9

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